I Went to College and All I Got was this Lousy T-Shirt

News: 07/15/2009

Hi Everybody!

Today's comic is about something very near and dear to my heart: free/discounted things. You see I graduated Boston University a couple years ago, (Go Terriers!) and it was only recently that they started heaping on the alumni stuff. Man alive, the things I get... Library books! I can check out as many library books as I want! For free! Subscription to the alumni magazine! Heck yes! I can buy food in their student union without it being considered trespassing on private property! Nice!

Ahh... all this free stuff really takes me back. I have fond memories of Sunday mornings in the dining hall, poring over the coupon section of the Boston Globe, tearing out coupons for things I would never normally buy but was compelled to because of the discount. I swear to you I once lived for a month on $40 worth of groceries.

Anyway, I think Mike was trying to talk about something throughout all of this. At the moment, I can't really recall what, but since I only listen to about every fourth word he says in general, and there was something extra-exciting going on, I don't think much more could have been expected of me.

Now you all have a nice day. I hear July 15th is like Bastille Day's Boxing Day in France. That's a lie -- I don't know what they're doing in France today.

May the force be with you,

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