This is the End, Part 2

News: 07/13/2011

Hello Readers,

This was the last comic we took pictures for.

Monday, I said I wanted to spend this week talking about some of the comics that have influenced/inspired me, so I'm going to do that here.

  • Penny-Arcade. Is it any surprise that the two nerds talking about nerdy things on a couch has been done before and better?
  • Questionable Content. I had been reading a few webcomics before I came across this one, but this is the one that pulled me in so completely. Let's say I related to the whole 'went to school for music' and 'works in a cafe' and 'clearly meant to represent Hampshire College.'
  • A Softer World. I didn't even think about taking pictures for comics before I saw this. When I first got the idea of making a webcomic, I actually tried to draw something. I'm terrible at drawing. These guys changed the outcome of this comic so completely that it's hard to imagine where we would be without them.

Tune in Friday for our final comic.


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